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Zach Braff Signs Up for JDate

Zach BraffActor Zach Braff, known for his starring role on TV’s “Scrubs” and his highly praised film “Garden State,” has decided to take the next step in meeting his soulmate: he’s signed up for JDate.

Braff joined the Jewish dating site after tiring of his parents pestering him to be a mensch and finally bring home a nice Jewish girl. Braff told BS Gossip that though he has dated a number of girls that aren’t Jewish, as he gets older, he’s realizing settling down with a girl who shares his background might be nice.

Unfortunately, Zach has yet to find love online. He said that he has gone on a number of JDates, however he hasn’t really clicked with any of the girls yet. “With most girls, on a first date, they bring me a DVD copy of ‘Garden State’ to sign, which is fine. But I don’t know what it is with Jewish chicks but they all bring me VHS copies of ‘The Babysitter’s Club.’ It kind of freaks me out because most people don’t even know I had a part in that, yet alone still own a VHS copy of it!”

Braff is thinking about quitting JDate and either going on another dating site or trying more traditional dating again. Talking to Shiri Appleby, actress and Jewish ex-girlfriend of Braffs’, she cleared up the big VHS mystery. “Oh, back at Camp Read the rest of this entry »