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Tom Cruise Searches for Love Online at Scientology Mingle Website

Tom CruiseIn recent months, past loves of Tom Cruise have been turning against him; Katie Holmes, his wife of six years, divorced him and recently, Nazanin Boniadi has given Vanity Fair magazine a damaging interview alleging she was vetted by the Church of Scientology to be his wife. However the star is intent on finding his true soul mate and has turned to a Scientology dating website to help him with his search.

Scientology Mingle’s PR Manager Jack Grind confirmed that Cruise has set up a profile on the site and that he has been active on it for the last couple of months. Grind said, “He’s been one of the most active users of the site since he registered with us. And why not? There are tens of thousands of lovely ladies looking for love in a relationship where their partner also worships the alien warlord Xenu.” When we asked what an average first date might be like be for a couple who meet on the website, he told us watching “Battlefield Earth” on DVD was a popular option. “But not because it’s based on a story written by Scientology’s founder. It’s because it’s so goddamn awful. The dating couple can yell at the screen and create their own Read the rest of this entry »