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Prince Harry Makes Royal Mistake When Asked to See the Crown Jewels

Prince HarryThe whole world is talking (and giggling) after TMZ released photos of Prince Harry frolicking in the buff. We have learned that the prince disrobed when he misunderstood a request to see the Crown Jewels.

It was first reported that the photographs, taken in a Las Vegas hotel room, were snapped during a game of strip pool. However a spokesman at Clarence House, the official residence of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwell, have now confirmed that it was a mere misunderstanding. Harry had been partying with some friends and a few girls they had met in the lobby. One of the girls asked to see the Crown Jewels and Prince Harry, thinking that she was referring to his man parts, disrobed.

The girl who made the request, and was also photographed nude with the Prince, talked to BS Gossip but wishes to remain anonymous. She told us that she’s always loved gems so when she was invited to the prince’s hotel room with some others for drinks, she thought it was an opportunity to see the most famous jewels in the world. Instead, she saw the 17th most famous jewels, however as the photos spread across the web, that number is sure to adjust quickly.

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