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Nick Stahl to Star in “Hide and Go Seek: The Movie”

Nick StahlRunning out of board games to adapt, Hollywood is preparing to produce feature films based on schoolyard games. Universal Pictures has announced that on-again off-again missing person Nick Stahl will star in their movie adaptation of “Hide and Go Seek.”

Ron Meyer, Universal Pictures President and COO, talked to BS Gossip about the new movie. He said, “We’re extremely proud to bring one of children’s favorite childhood games to the big screen. The complex script tells the story of a man who is not only a mastermind in hiding but also in seeking. And who has mastered the skill of hiding better than Nick Stahl?”

Stahl has been in the media regularly as his wife has reported him missing several times in the last few months. The actor’s trouble with substance abuse has been behind his disappearances but so far, the actor has returned home safely after each search. Meyer said that the studio plans on shooting the scenes where Stahl is hiding the next time he disappears. “When the character is hiding, Nick’s not on screen so we don’t need him. And when he comes back, we’ll shoot the seeking part of the movie. It really works out very nicely.”

Box office analysts say that adapting schoolyard games into films is a brilliant move, as unlike board games, which are owned by large Read the rest of this entry »