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Fred Willard Defends Lewd Act During “Magic Mike” Screening

Fred WillardIt was reported that comedian and “Best in Show” actor Fred Willard was arrested this week for lewd conduct during an adult movie screening. Willard doesn’t deny that he was fondling himself but claims that he wasn’t watching an adult movie – the film was in fact “Magic Mike.”

Willard told BS Gossip that the police assumed the movie he was watching was a pornographic film because it involved male strippers but in reality, the film was “Magic Mike” and he was arrested in an AMC theatre.

Willard said that he never intended to have “sexy time” with himself at the theatre, which should have been obvious when the police escorted him out of the theatre wearing only one sock. Willard added, “You all know some lucky shmuck is going to have a big pay day selling that sock on Ebay!”

We asked Willard what motivated him to act as he did at the movie theatre. He responded by asking us if we’ve seen “Magic Mike.” Then he told us, “I’m a straight man. Everybody knows that. But when you have incredibly hot men like Channing Tatum Read the rest of this entry »