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Disney Buys LucasFilms to Expand American Graffiti Franchise

Hollywood is buzzing over Disney’s 4.5 billion dollar purchase of Lucasfilm. However industry insiders were surprised to learn that Disney has no plans to cash in on the Star Wars movies and instead intends to recoup their investment by milking Lucas’ “American Graffiti” and “THX 1138” franchises.

Talking to the press, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger said that their theme parks would be expanded to include “American Graffiti” rides and “THX 1138” characters such as the popular SEN and SRT will also appear at the theme parks, posing for pictures with families and making kids’ dreams come true.

Iger stressed that Disney has no plans to do any more Star Wars movies. Iger told reporters, “Lucas lost all good will with the Star Wars fans with the dreadful prequels. I can’t imagine anyone paying to see another Star Wars after seeing Jar Jar Binks fill up the screen for three films. We have a better chance of recouping our investment by staying away from anything Star Wars related and just focusing on the popular ‘American Graffiti’ and ‘THX 1138’ properties.”

Iger was asked if Disney would at least continue to release the Star Wars movies on Blu-ray and DVD. Iger said Disney has no plans to do that. “Lucas has released so many versions of each movie over the years that most fans already have at least 8 copies of each movie. I can’t imagine us selling even one copy of a Star Wars film.”

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