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Joan and Melissa Rivers No Longer Attached at the Hip After Hip Surgery

Joan and Melissa RiversReality show star Melissa Rivers is well known for constantly being attached to her mother’s hip. However, after Joan Rivers had emergency hip surgery, the mother and daughter are now officially separated.

Joan told us that she is recovering well from the surgery but that Melissa is having a hard time. “We’ve been very close since she was born. I mean, I only stopped breastfeeding her a few years ago and that was a difficult thing for her to handle. It’s probably for the best though… I’m not going to be around forever and if we were still physically bonded, she’d end up buried with me and we’d be stuck with each other eternally. I don’t believe in hell but if I did, that would be it!”

We tried to talk with Melissa but she was in a panic, looking for her mother. “Where Mommy? Where Mommy? Mommy leave me!” When we told her that her mother was in the next room, she bolted through the door and lunged at her mom, knocking her to the ground.

Sadly, the incident caused Joan to break her hip once Read the rest of this entry »