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Mitt Romney to Dress as Barack Obama for Halloween

During an interview on Fox News, presidential Republican candidate Mitt Romney told Gretchen Carlson that for Halloween, he was planning to dress as rival candidate, President Barack Obama. He told Carlson that he was dressing as the President because he wanted to dress as something really scary.

Upon hearing the news, Obama’s running-mate Joe Biden was a bit disappointed. “I’m also planning to go as Barack. I guess we’ll just see who can pull off black-face better!” He added, “Don’t tell Barack… I want my costume to be a surprise. He’s going to get a huge kick out of it!”

Biden may be keeping his costume plans a surprise for the President but Romney’s announcement was very public. The President laughed when he heard the news and told MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough, “If Romney wants to dress as the winner of the 2012 presidential race, that’s surely his prerogative.”

Scarborough asked the President who he was planning to dress as for Halloween. Smiling, he said, “I will be tying our dog Bo to the top of my campaign bus on Halloween night. Why don’t you take a wild guess as to who I’m dressing up as?”

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Shocker: He’s Straight!

Bill O'ReillyJust a few days after CNN’s Anderson Cooper shocked the world by coming out of the closet, Fox News’ outspoken Bill O’Reilly has revealed to the world that he’s straight.

O’Reilly announced the news yesterday on “The O’Reilly Factor”. He told BS Gossip that he thought it was time to stop hiding the truth. “I know this will come as a surprise to many of my fans. I hope they understand that this is who I am. I like women. It’s as simple as that. If people have issues with it, they’re morons!”

Fans around America have taken to social media to proclaim their shock. @Conserv72 posted “Good for Bill! I applaud his bravery.” @rainbow 69 was skeptical however, posting “I don’t believe it. This is just more Right Wing propaganda!” Joe the Plumber told BS Gossip that while he’s surprised by the announcement, this doesn’t make him think of him as any less of a man, even though his sexual orientation is now the same as Obamas’. He said, “At least O’Reilly isn’t a socialist!”

A college roommate called into the “O’Reilly Factor” questioning the truth in O’Reilly’s revelation. The caller said that he recalls O’Reilly Read the rest of this entry »