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Rihanna Denies Her New Tattoo of a Douchebag is Chris Brown

Rihanna Pop star Rihanna debuted a new tattoo this week. However, while the tattoo on her neck seemed to picture a douchebag, Rihanna denied the tattoo art was of her abusive ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

A friend of the ‘Fool in Love’ singer, who wished to remain anonymous, told us that she is perplexed. “The tattoo art obviously pictures a douchebag. A tattoo artist isn’t going to apply a tattoo that looks identical to Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend by accident. I don’t know why she is denying it.”

We walked around L.A. showing pedestrians and tourists an image of the douchbag tattoo and almost everyone we showed it to identified the image as Chris Brown. The only exception was a 93-year-old British lady who said the tattoo pictured “a bag of turds” before saying it also looked Read the rest of this entry »

Chris Brown Equal Opportunity Beater: Hits Men Now Too!

Chris BrownChris Brown’s reputation with fans has gone downhill ever since it was made public that he beat fellow singer, Rheanna, who he had been dating at the time. Brown has been as well known as a woman-beater as he was a musician but he took matters into his own hands today to change that when he declared himself an equal opportunity beater by bashing in the face of a man.

Shortly after publishing the story of Chris Brown’s fight with rapper Drake on his site, gossip blogger Perez Hilton credited Brown for the “brilliant PR move”. Hilton explained, “Women have hated Chris Brown for a long time. What woman would buy music from a woman-beater? I know I wouldn’t! But now Chris Brown has made it clear that he doesn’t give a s–t if you’re a man or a woman – either way, you get in his face and he’ll give you a beat down!”

Brown talked to BS Gossip after the incident. He said, “Yeah, it totally was a statement I was trying to make ‘cause I don’t want to always be known as that guy who hits chicks! Ideally I’d like to be thought of first as a musician Read the rest of this entry »