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Avril Lavigne Dumps Chad Kroeger After Finally Listening to Nickelback

Avrill Lavigne and Chad KroegerThe engagement of Canadian musicians Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger has ended just days after the couple announced the big news. Lavigne ended the relationship after she finally listened to music played by Kroeger’s band, Nickelback.

In an exclusive interview with BS Gossip, Avril Lavigne told us that prior to meeting Kroeger, she wasn’t familiar with Nickelback and after they met, the couple had been having such a passionate affair, that she didn’t have time to listen to anything. But while Kroeger was on a press tour in the US, Lavigne listened to all of Kroeger’s albums. At first she was confused. “The songs had different names but they all sounded the same. It’s like they just renamed the same song and threw a bunch of copies of it onto the same album. It seemed lazy and one thing that I frown upon is laziness.”

Lavigne worried that their sex life could be as repetitive as a Nickelback album. “Come to think of it, Chad kept wanting to try new Kama Sutra positions in bed but although the positions all had different names, they all seemed like missionary to me. With the exception of the thing he did with his toes. That was just gross.”

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