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Celebrities “Accidentally” Leak Risqué Photos to Add Twitter Followers

Alison PillEarlier this week, Alison Pill, an actress from HBO’s “The Newsroom,” posted a topless photo to her 20,000 Twitter followers. The photo was quickly deleted but not after it rapidly spread across the internet. Pill said she posted the photo “by accident” and meanwhile, she gained 5000 new followers, mostly guys hoping she would “accidentally” post another. Other celebrities are following suit and “accidentally” posting their own naked pictures to Twitter in hopes of raising their Twitter profile.

BS Gossip talked to editor Mark Golin. He told us that it is no accident celebrities are posting nude photos. “C’mon, how do you accidentally post anything? It’s a way for actors to increase their Twitter following and maybe even get some extra media exposure. People who don’t watch “The Newsroom’ probably never heard of Alison Pill before a topless picture of her was posted online. Now her boobs are all people are talking about! A stunt like this could get an actress better roles or even a higher paycheck. It’s quite brilliant grassroots marketing, when you think about it.”

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Betty White Stands Up for Loud Lovemakers

Betty WhiteResidents of the luxurious Beverly Hills Estates complex are petitioning to have a young couple evicted for their loud lovemaking sessions. But one resident, actress Betty White, enjoys hearing the couple copulate and is standing up for them to stay.

The petition states that the couple’s lovemaking sessions last hours and are performed several times each day and night. The couple leaves the windows open and unless the volume for people’s stereos is pumped up, the moaning and groaning can be heard in all the units.

While this has most residents fuming, White welcomes the distraction. “I think it’s wonderful. They sound so happy. And to be honest, for a woman my age, it brings back fond memories of some of the randier moments of my youth.”

White, now 90 years old, is feared in the complex and the strata council is reluctant to ruffle her feathers by evicting the loud lovers. But that has not so famous residents like Peter Swanson fuming. He told us Read the rest of this entry »