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HBO’s “The Newsroom” to Predict Future News Stories in Second Season

The NewsroomHBO’s “The Newsroom” is a ratings success story however, show creator Aaron Sorkin has been accused by critics of manipulating the audience. By using the knowledge of how new stories eventually pan out, critics say it gives the characters unrealistic insight into real-life events. To fight back against his critics, Sorkin announced that in season two, rather than the show taking place a year or two in the past, it will take place a year or two in the future, with his team of writers guessing at what the headlines of the future will be.

Past episodes of the show had the fictional ACN news team report on real-life stories such as the BS oil spill, the overthrowing of the Egyptian government, and the death of Osama Bin Laden. But in season two we won’t see newscasters reporting on the massacres in Syria or Mitt Romney’s refusal to fully release his taxes. Instead, Sorkin will predict what headlines he thinks will be truth in 2014 and 2015.

Entertainment Weekly TV critic Ken Tucker told BS Gossip that Sorkin will either come across as a moron or a genius. He explained, “Say next season of ‘The Newsroom’ has anchor Will McAvoy reporting that a vampire sea monster rises out of the Atlantic Ocean, leaving thousands of fishermen’s corpses piled on the shoreline. If that doesn’t end up happening, Sorkin will be seen as an idiot. But if the vampire sea monster story actually pans out after the show airs, Sorkin will be seen as a prophet!”

Sorkin teases us with a few of the season two news stories. They will include the Mars Rover discovering the skeleton of Amelia Earhart Read the rest of this entry »