New Tickle Me Elmo Recalled for Only Tickling Boys Under 18

As we approach the height of holiday shopping, one of the most popular kids’ toys has been pulled from store shelves. The new version of Tickle Me Elmo has been recalled after it was reported the toy was only tickling boys under 18.

Tyco Toys was extremely optimistic about sales of their new Tickle Me Elmo, which unlike previous versions that encouraged the kids to tickle the doll, the new version of Elmo tickled the kids. Unfortunately, a few days after hitting shelves, parents had complained that the toy only worked with younger boys and that the toy was uninterested in tickling girls at all.

Single mother Brenda Jackson bought one of the toys before the recall and gave it to her daughter as a birthday present. She told us, “When the doll wouldn’t do anything, I told my daughter that perhaps the batteries were dead. But when my eight year-old son was about to check the batteries, Elmo went on a tickling spree. Though as soon as my daughter was holding the doll again, the toy froze. If I didn’t know the toy wasn’t real, I would also swear Elmo looked sad when my daughter was holding him.”

In addition, some of the dolls are specifically tickling boys in no-no places. Tyco CEO Edward Breen said that while 10 percent of the boys being tickled in no-no spots had yes-yes responses to the tickling, the other 90 Read the rest of this entry »

Adele to Reenact Baby’s Birth on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”

AdeleDid the announcement that Adele had given birth surprise you? If you had no clue that Adele was pregnant, you’re not alone; Adele had no idea she was carrying a baby either!

The pop singer will appear in an upcoming episode of the reality show “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” reenacting her surprise birth.

When asked who the father was, the singer said, “It could be my ex Daryl, Mo, the lead set designer from my UK tour or any of the 30 or so other blokes I had sex with in-between them.

While most reenactments of births on the show occur on the toilet with a surprise “number 3″ plopping into the bowl, Adele’s birth took place in a hotel room right after having sex with one of the many possible fathers of her probable second unexpected child.

BS Gossip has learned that Adele is working on two songs based on her experiences giving birth. One of the songs is titled “What the f—k is that thing?” and the other one is called “Are you f—king kidding Me? Mother f—ker!”

In other news, BBC just announced the singer would also be appearing on the BBC reality show, “Let’s Wash that Potty Mouth Out With Soap.”

Sunkist Sues Jersey Shore Cast For Using Copyrighted Shade of Orange

Jersey Shore orangeThe cast of Jersey Shore faces a lawsuit as they prepare for their final season of the popular MTV show. A spokesperson for Sunkist announced that the company is suing the stars and producers of the show for the use of their copyrighted shade of orange.

Sunkist spokesperson and health guru, Dr. Liz Applegate, held a press conference to announce the lawsuit. She told reporters that the company felt they had no other option since the Jersey Shore cast blatantly displays the color of their oranges on their bodies. “If this was just a matter of Sunkist orange faces and hands, we might be able to let this go but the cast of Jersey Shore wears very little clothing so we feel they are blatantly giving the finger to our copyright ownership.”

Jersey Shore creator, SallyAnne Salsano, is confused by the lawsuit. “I won’t lie. It’s not a coincidence the skin of our cast is that shade of orange. The tanning salon the cast goes to purposely uses Sunkist oranges as a base for the cast’s tans. But our hair department also uses Pam cooking oil to grease the men’s hair and you don’t see Pam suing us!”

BS Gossip talked to Gary Rodkin, President and CEO of ConAgra Foods, the parent company of Pam. Rodkin told us that he is aware Read the rest of this entry »

Big Bird Nesting with Oscar the Grouch After Nest Foreclosed

Big BirdAt the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney told the moderator that even though he loved Big Bird, he’d cut federal funding for PBS. That was a low blow to Big Bird, who has been rooming with Oscar the Grouch after his nest was seized by the banks last year.

Big Bird told BS Gossip that while he used to be part of America’s one percent, he lost most of his riches from bad investments and had his assets foreclosed after he couldn’t repay a loan on his luxury nest. “When I started out on Sesame Street, I lived in the nest you see me in on the show. But I upgraded to a luxury nest with eight eggrooms and six birdbaths and lived the good life until recently.”

After hearing Romney talk about cutting funding to PBS, Big Bird told us he’s scared of being laid off and not being able to pay for the measly accommodations he currently has. Big Bird said, “I’m rooming with Oscar the Grouch in his trash can. It’s filthy but at least I have rotten fruit and stinky diapers to lay my head on when I sleep. But I pay Oscar $400 a month to crash with him and if I lose my job, I honestly don’t know where I will come up with that rent.”

Up until Romney made his anti-PBS comments, Big Bird was an adamant Republican. He told us that with billions of birds aborted every year for the egg industry, he was hoping Romney would win so abortion would be finally Read the rest of this entry »

Peter Dinklage Refuses to Give Michael J. Fox Standing Ovation at Emmys

Peter DinklageWhen actor and Parkinson’s sufferer Michael J. Fox spoke at the 2012 Emmy Awards, everyone in the audience was seen rising to their feet to give him a well-deserved standing ovation. Everyone except one man – “Game of Thrones” actor and little person, Peter Dinklage.

Emmys host Jimmy Kimmel was shocked when he saw Peter Dinklage on the big screen appearing to be sitting when all of his peers were rising to their feet. “I was appalled. Michael is an inspiration to all of us. Does Peter think because he’s a little person, that excuses him for not giving another man with a disability kudos for his struggle? Not cool!”

Michael J. Fox himself was also taken aback. “To be honest, the standing ovation was a bit much. I was just presenting an award; I didn’t win anything. But when everyone in the room rose to their feet for me, it felt good – until I realized I didn’t see Peter standing in front of his seat. For Gods sake, the man also has a disability and he won’t even pander to mine?”

BS Gossip caught up to Dinklage after the show and asked him why he didn’t rise to his feet for Fox. His face suddenly got red and he said Read the rest of this entry »

Romney: A Vote for Obama is a Vote Against Breaking Bad

Romney and ObamaAs Mitt Romney slides in the polls, he has changed the political narrative from the economy to popular TV shows. This morning, the Republican leader told customers at an Arizona IHOP that if Barack Obama is reelected, TV shows like Breaking Bad might never make it to the air.

The popular AMC TV show “Breaking Bad” follows physics teacher Walter White, who is diagnosed with cancer. When his healthcare bill isn’t covered, he turns to a life of selling meth. Romney told the crowd that had Obama been President at the time “Breaking Bad” was created, Walter’s hospital bills would have been covered by Obamacare. “There would be no need for Walter to turn to crime since his bills would be covered and the show we all love would never have existed!” Romney went on to suggest some potentially fantastic TV shows may never be created due to Obama’s failed policies.

Obama didn’t take this suggestion lying down. The President responded by saying, “Romney is obviously not a real fan of the show. Otherwise, he would know that Walter White didn’t just turn to a life of crime to pay his hospital bills but also to raise money for his family in case he succumbed to the cancer. So saying my health care plan would have killed ‘Breaking Bad’ is ridiculous. Nice try Mitt, but the American people are smarter than you think. I guarantee that if I’m reelected, there will no shortage of terrific TV shows created.”

After hearing the President’s response, Romney, took the fight a step further. “It’s funny hearing the President say his policy wouldn’t affect great TV shows from being created. This is a President that supports abortion. If he was president in the late 60s, the mother of the ‘Breaking Bad’ creator, Vince Gilligan, could Read the rest of this entry »

Snooki Confirms Newborn Son to Become a Father

Snooki_babyIt took longer than many people expected but “Jersey Shore” star Snooki today confirmed that her newborn son, Lorenzo, will be a father.

Snooki told us that while the little tyke is only a few days old, Lorenzo’s “oil” has already been shared with several young ladies. Snookie is looking forward to becoming a grandmother and Lorenzo’s father Jionni can’t contain his excitement. He said, “Who’s a ladies man?? My little boy, ‘dats who!! F—k yeah!”

The identity of the mother-to-be has not yet been revealed although there is much speculation. The most obvious person would be one of the female newborns at the hospital or possibly a nurse. However Snooki’s “Jersey Shore” co-star The Situation suggests Snooki’s BFF JWoww is the mother-to-be. When we told JWoww about the suggestion, she denied it. She said, “I’d never bang my best friend’s kid. Even if he is a cutie.” When we asked JWoww if there were any other reasons she wouldn’t sleep with the newborn, such as him being less than a week old, JWoww told us that being the son of her best friend was the only reason she needed. “I’ll be honest. If he wasn’t Read the rest of this entry »

Joan and Melissa Rivers No Longer Attached at the Hip After Hip Surgery

Joan and Melissa RiversReality show star Melissa Rivers is well known for constantly being attached to her mother’s hip. However, after Joan Rivers had emergency hip surgery, the mother and daughter are now officially separated.

Joan told us that she is recovering well from the surgery but that Melissa is having a hard time. “We’ve been very close since she was born. I mean, I only stopped breastfeeding her a few years ago and that was a difficult thing for her to handle. It’s probably for the best though… I’m not going to be around forever and if we were still physically bonded, she’d end up buried with me and we’d be stuck with each other eternally. I don’t believe in hell but if I did, that would be it!”

We tried to talk with Melissa but she was in a panic, looking for her mother. “Where Mommy? Where Mommy? Mommy leave me!” When we told her that her mother was in the next room, she bolted through the door and lunged at her mom, knocking her to the ground.

Sadly, the incident caused Joan to break her hip once Read the rest of this entry »

HBO’s “The Newsroom” to Predict Future News Stories in Second Season

The NewsroomHBO’s “The Newsroom” is a ratings success story however, show creator Aaron Sorkin has been accused by critics of manipulating the audience. By using the knowledge of how new stories eventually pan out, critics say it gives the characters unrealistic insight into real-life events. To fight back against his critics, Sorkin announced that in season two, rather than the show taking place a year or two in the past, it will take place a year or two in the future, with his team of writers guessing at what the headlines of the future will be.

Past episodes of the show had the fictional ACN news team report on real-life stories such as the BS oil spill, the overthrowing of the Egyptian government, and the death of Osama Bin Laden. But in season two we won’t see newscasters reporting on the massacres in Syria or Mitt Romney’s refusal to fully release his taxes. Instead, Sorkin will predict what headlines he thinks will be truth in 2014 and 2015.

Entertainment Weekly TV critic Ken Tucker told BS Gossip that Sorkin will either come across as a moron or a genius. He explained, “Say next season of ‘The Newsroom’ has anchor Will McAvoy reporting that a vampire sea monster rises out of the Atlantic Ocean, leaving thousands of fishermen’s corpses piled on the shoreline. If that doesn’t end up happening, Sorkin will be seen as an idiot. But if the vampire sea monster story actually pans out after the show airs, Sorkin will be seen as a prophet!”

Sorkin teases us with a few of the season two news stories. They will include the Mars Rover discovering the skeleton of Amelia Earhart Read the rest of this entry »

Very Poor Turnout for Diff’rent Strokes Cast Reunion

Diff'rent StrokesTodd Bridges, who played Willis on the 70s and 80s sitcom, “Diff’rent Strokes,” decided to throw a reunion with his old cast mates. But for reasons unknown, almost no one showed up to the event.

Bridges has been in and out of prison over the years and now that he’s been clean for some time, he thought it would be nice to reunite with some of his old colleagues from the popular sitcom. Bridges said, “Gary, Dana and I used to have so much fun on the set that I thought it would be great to get together again and see how everyone has been doing. I sent out Evites, rented a beach house and arranged a KFC delivery. So I’m more than a bit pissed off that almost no one showed up.”

In addition to Bridges, only two other regular cast members attended the party. 89-year-old Conrad Bain, who had played adoptive father to Arnold and Willis came, as did a man named Danny Cooksey, who claimed he played a character named Sam. Bridges said that while it was nice to see Bain, he has no recollection of any character named Sam. “He said he played my adoptive brother for two seasons but neither Conrad or I remember that at all. I went on fan message boards too and no one remembers a character named Sam. He was probably some homeless dude who just wanted some free KFC.”

What irked Bridges the most was that Gary Coleman and Dana Plato didn’t show up. “Those two were like a real brother and sister to me all the years we filmed the show. I really wanted to hang out with them and see what they’ve been up to. So I was extremely pissed off that not only did they not show Read the rest of this entry »