Sunkist Sues Jersey Shore Cast For Using Copyrighted Shade of Orange

Jersey Shore orangeThe cast of Jersey Shore faces a lawsuit as they prepare for their final season of the popular MTV show. A spokesperson for Sunkist announced that the company is suing the stars and producers of the show for the use of their copyrighted shade of orange.

Sunkist spokesperson and health guru, Dr. Liz Applegate, held a press conference to announce the lawsuit. She told reporters that the company felt they had no other option since the Jersey Shore cast blatantly displays the color of their oranges on their bodies. “If this was just a matter of Sunkist orange faces and hands, we might be able to let this go but the cast of Jersey Shore wears very little clothing so we feel they are blatantly giving the finger to our copyright ownership.”

Jersey Shore creator, SallyAnne Salsano, is confused by the lawsuit. “I won’t lie. It’s not a coincidence the skin of our cast is that shade of orange. The tanning salon the cast goes to purposely uses Sunkist oranges as a base for the cast’s tans. But our hair department also uses Pam cooking oil to grease the men’s hair and you don’t see Pam suing us!”

BS Gossip talked to Gary Rodkin, President and CEO of ConAgra Foods, the parent company of Pam. Rodkin told us that he is aware that the Jersey Shore cast uses their cooking spray to style their hair and they have no issues with it. “Before Jersey Shore hit the air, people only used our product to prepare food. But since the show started to get popular, our sales have almost doubled since so many Americans now use the cooking spray for hair styling.”

We got word that a settlement may be in the works. A source told us that a deal may involve having Sunkist logo tattooed on each Jersey Shore cast member, who will officially promote the product. The source said, “Sunkist realizes the cast is the perfect shade of orange to be official mascots for their product however there may be complications as they are also contracted to be mascots for Apothecaries Sundries Manufacturing, a supplier of medical douche bags.

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