Cloud Atlas Producer Hoping Hurricane Sandy Will Save Box Office Take

Cloud AtlasThe ambitious big budget film “Cloud Atlas” had a dismal box office opening with $9.4 million in its opening weekend. However one of the film’s producers thinks there is one thing that could rescue the film from becoming a flop – Hurricane Sandy.

“Cloud Atlas” Producer Stefan Arndt hopes the hurricane that is hitting the East Coast will strengthen the take for the film. He told us, “People are going to need places to find shelter. I’m sure many of those people will flock to movie theaters and ‘Cloud Atlas’ is the obvious choice for storm dodgers since it’s the longest film playing right now with a running time of almost three hours! I’m thinking some people will watch it three or four times in a row so they can stay in the theaters during the storm.”

We asked Arndt if he thought the star-studded cast consisting of Tom Hanks and Halle Berry could also help the film recoup their investment. He said, “No, if people cared about the cast, the movie would have done better opening weekend. I place all my hope in people being forced to watch the film in exchange for shelter.” He added, “Thank God for Hurricane Sandy!”

Reports have since come in that many theaters in the path of the hurricane are being closed and boarded up. We related that to Arndt and after a moment of reflection, he punched a hole in the wall. “Damn it then! We’re f—ked! Our only hope for the film now is that the havoc Sandy causes is truly disastrous and people flock to see ‘Cloud Atlas’ in an attempt to escape reality. Let’s cross our fingers.”

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