Rihanna Denies Her New Tattoo of a Douchebag is Chris Brown

Rihanna Pop star Rihanna debuted a new tattoo this week. However, while the tattoo on her neck seemed to picture a douchebag, Rihanna denied the tattoo art was of her abusive ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

A friend of the ‘Fool in Love’ singer, who wished to remain anonymous, told us that she is perplexed. “The tattoo art obviously pictures a douchebag. A tattoo artist isn’t going to apply a tattoo that looks identical to Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend by accident. I don’t know why she is denying it.”

We walked around L.A. showing pedestrians and tourists an image of the douchbag tattoo and almost everyone we showed it to identified the image as Chris Brown. The only exception was a 93-year-old British lady who said the tattoo pictured “a bag of turds” before saying it also looked a bit like “the douchbag that beat up that poor singer.”

The circumstances are reminiscent to an incident a few years ago when a rabbi was seen with an ankle tattoo picturing a piece of fecal matter wearing a white KKK mask. The rabbi denied that it was a tattoo of Mel Gibson.

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