Peter Dinklage Refuses to Give Michael J. Fox Standing Ovation at Emmys

Peter DinklageWhen actor and Parkinson’s sufferer Michael J. Fox spoke at the 2012 Emmy Awards, everyone in the audience was seen rising to their feet to give him a well-deserved standing ovation. Everyone except one man – “Game of Thrones” actor and little person, Peter Dinklage.

Emmys host Jimmy Kimmel was shocked when he saw Peter Dinklage on the big screen appearing to be sitting when all of his peers were rising to their feet. “I was appalled. Michael is an inspiration to all of us. Does Peter think because he’s a little person, that excuses him for not giving another man with a disability kudos for his struggle? Not cool!”

Michael J. Fox himself was also taken aback. “To be honest, the standing ovation was a bit much. I was just presenting an award; I didn’t win anything. But when everyone in the room rose to their feet for me, it felt good – until I realized I didn’t see Peter standing in front of his seat. For Gods sake, the man also has a disability and he won’t even pander to mine?”

BS Gossip caught up to Dinklage after the show and asked him why he didn’t rise to his feet for Fox. His face suddenly got red and he said, “For the last f—king time, I stood up just like every other idiot in the auditorium! Why does no one think I stood up for Michael?!” We explained to him that on camera, his head could be seen next to the thigh of the man standing next to him. At that moment, our reporter clued in and realized it only appeared Dinklage was sitting because of his height and felt like an idiot and a horrible human being. He quickly apologized to the “Game of Thrones” actor and got on his cell phone to tell Jon Hamm to call off toilet papering Dinklage’s house.

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