Clint Eastwood’s Imaginary Friend Returns at Republican Convention

Clint ChairAfter being abandoned by his imaginary friend when he was only 7-years-old, the iconic filmmaker was thrown off when his invisible buddy returned during his speech at the Republican Convention.

Eastwood had only intended to pump up the crowd to support presidential candidate Mitt Romney. However, when his imaginary friend reappeared moments before his speech, he quickly had a volunteer place a chair next to the podium and improvised.

Clint’s wife, Dina Eastwood, told BS Gossip that she understands why the public thought her husband’s speech was erratic. “It was. What people didn’t know at the time was that Clint’s long-lost imaginary friend Handsome Pete had just returned and that my husband was doing double duty, juggling his speech with an unexpected reunion. When it seemed Clint was implying President Obama had told him to shut up, it was really Handsome Pete, who was actually sitting in the chair, who had told Clint to shut up. Handsome Pete was bitter Clint chose to talk to a crowd of strangers rather than to acknowledge his buddy.”

Governor Romney didn’t know what to think at the time, but after learning that the chair on the stage wasn’t in fact empty and that Eastwood’s imaginary friend had actually been sitting in the chair talking to the actor during the speech, he drew a sigh of relief. “Phew,” said, Romney. “I thought Clint was losing it but now I get what was going on. I mean, if my imaginary friend, Flip Flop Fred, suddenly appeared during a speech of mine, I imagine I would have had a similar reaction. Sadly, I haven’t seen Flip Flop Fred since I was six. He inspired me to be the flip-flopper I am today so I too hope to see my furry little invisible pal again.”

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