Breaking Medical News! Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes Are D.I.T.S.

Lindsay and AmandaDNA tests from Lindsay Lohan after her latest hit and run incident revealed the actress suffers from a rare medical disorder and is a Driver Irregularity Tailgate Sufferer (DITS). The main symptoms of being a DITS are for its sufferers to drive irrationally, hit other vehicles and then flee the scene. DNA tests have also revealed that accident-prone actress Amanda Bynes also may be a DITS and that she might have even picked up the disorder from Lohan herself.

As BS Gossip previously reported, Lohan and Bynes both graduated from driving school at the Disneyland Theme Park’s bumper car rides. A Disneyland employee told us that after they got their drivers’ certificates laminated by Mickey Mouse, the two girls shared a milkshake to celebrate.

A doctor we spoke with said that since Bynes was relatively normal at the time, it’s not that farfetched that she caught the disorder from Lohan when they drank from the same straw. The doctor added, “Since it’s Lindsay Lohan we’re talking about, it’s scary to think what other diseases poor Amanda picked up when they shared that milkshake.”

Lohan and Bynes were both arrested this week for yet more hit and run incidents. A representative from the LA Sheriff’s department said that both actresses have to be held accountable for their actions. He said, “Being a DITS doesn’t excuse you!”

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