“Sparkle” Fails to Resurrect Whitney Houston’s Acting Career

Whitney HoustonIt’s been many years since Whitney Houston has performed for film, and she had hoped that this weekend’s release of “Sparkle” would invigorate her movie career. However after a so-so weekend box office, Houston has not been receiving the calls and offers she was hoping for.

Houston has had an outstanding singing career and in 1992, when she starred opposite Kevin Costner in the hit “The Bodyguard,” she followed that up with roles in a few more movies throughout the ‘90s. After that however, her use of drugs stunted her acting career. With her returning to acting in this weekend’s musical “Sparkle,” many insiders had speculated this would lead to a resurrection of Houston’s acting career. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely.

BS Gossip called Houston’s publicist, Kristen Foster, who told us that Houston has not received any offers to star or even audition for any more films. She screamed at us on the phone and called us “insensitive” and we got the impression that the lack of offers was a touchy subject for Houston’s team.

We desperately tried to contact Houston directly however she wouldn’t return any of our calls or emails. The singer hasn’t posted anything on Twitter since early February and she hasn’t been seen in public either since around that time. Calls to her agent asking why she has dropped out of the spotlight ended up in a dial tone. BS Gossip hopes the star is alright however we don’t expect to see her on the silver screen again anytime soon.

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