Snooki Confirms Newborn Son to Become a Father

Snooki_babyIt took longer than many people expected but “Jersey Shore” star Snooki today confirmed that her newborn son, Lorenzo, will be a father.

Snooki told us that while the little tyke is only a few days old, Lorenzo’s “oil” has already been shared with several young ladies. Snookie is looking forward to becoming a grandmother and Lorenzo’s father Jionni can’t contain his excitement. He said, “Who’s a ladies man?? My little boy, ‘dats who!! F—k yeah!”

The identity of the mother-to-be has not yet been revealed although there is much speculation. The most obvious person would be one of the female newborns at the hospital or possibly a nurse. However Snooki’s “Jersey Shore” co-star The Situation suggests Snooki’s BFF JWoww is the mother-to-be. When we told JWoww about the suggestion, she denied it. She said, “I’d never bang my best friend’s kid. Even if he is a cutie.” When we asked JWoww if there were any other reasons she wouldn’t sleep with the newborn, such as him being less than a week old, JWoww told us that being the son of her best friend was the only reason she needed. “I’ll be honest. If he wasn’t Snooki’s boy, it would be totally possible it was me he knocked up!”

Snooki told us that while Lorenzo will support the mother of his child financially, he’s not interested in a relationship with her. Snooki said, “To be honest, Lorenzo has his eye on another young lady. I’m not sure who she is but she apparently has her own reality show and goes by the name of Honey Boo Boo. I’ve seen pictures of the girl and it doesn’t surprise me. Lorenzo’s always had an eye on plump chicks. Well, at least for the 2 to 3 days I’ve known him.”

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