Prince William Puts Justin Bieber in His Place

Justin Bieber and Prince WilliamIn an interview with Rollercoaster Magazine, Justin Bieber suggested that Prince William should be embarrassed by his thinning hairline and questioned why the heir to the royal throne would not use a product to prevent hair loss. However Bieber continued with the insults and the full interview and Prince William’s response have not been revealed until now.

According to an insider at Rollercoaster Magazine, Bieber’s insults to the Royal family didn’t end with mocking the prince. The insider told us that Bieber also wondered why the queen let herself get so old. Bieber told the magazine that he thought assisted suicide was legal in the U.K. He also asked why Diana doesn’t make any more public appearances. “Everyone is always talking about how wonderful Diana is so why does she feel the need to hide from the public?”

After the article was originally printed, Prince William had kept quiet in regards to Bieber’s comments. But now, after hearing the singer’s harsh remarks about the queen and his deceased mother, William has spoken out. He said, “Who does this little twit think he is? It bewilders me that America would embrace a little boy who sings like a girl. And why would such a famous singer not try to improve his obviously dreadful voice? Do they not offer singing lessons in the U.S.? Or was the little brat too busy wetting his bed to take lessons? Bloody wanker…”

Bieber’s publicist shared the prince’s response to Bieber who immediately teared up. “Who does that bald man think he is that he can be so rude and judgmental? And how did he know about me wetting my bed?”

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