Very Poor Turnout for Diff’rent Strokes Cast Reunion

Diff'rent StrokesTodd Bridges, who played Willis on the 70s and 80s sitcom, “Diff’rent Strokes,” decided to throw a reunion with his old cast mates. But for reasons unknown, almost no one showed up to the event.

Bridges has been in and out of prison over the years and now that he’s been clean for some time, he thought it would be nice to reunite with some of his old colleagues from the popular sitcom. Bridges said, “Gary, Dana and I used to have so much fun on the set that I thought it would be great to get together again and see how everyone has been doing. I sent out Evites, rented a beach house and arranged a KFC delivery. So I’m more than a bit pissed off that almost no one showed up.”

In addition to Bridges, only two other regular cast members attended the party. 89-year-old Conrad Bain, who had played adoptive father to Arnold and Willis came, as did a man named Danny Cooksey, who claimed he played a character named Sam. Bridges said that while it was nice to see Bain, he has no recollection of any character named Sam. “He said he played my adoptive brother for two seasons but neither Conrad or I remember that at all. I went on fan message boards too and no one remembers a character named Sam. He was probably some homeless dude who just wanted some free KFC.”

What irked Bridges the most was that Gary Coleman and Dana Plato didn’t show up. “Those two were like a real brother and sister to me all the years we filmed the show. I really wanted to hang out with them and see what they’ve been up to. So I was extremely pissed off that not only did they not show but that they didn’t even bother to RSVP to tell me they wouldn’t be coming. So to hell with them…. They’re dead to me now!!”

We asked Bain about his disappointment of not seeing Coleman and Plato. He seemed like he really wanted to tell us something important but we couldn’t understand what he was trying to say through his feeding tube. The homeless man who said he played the character named Sam on the show gave us an interesting theory for why they didn’t attend but the staff at BS Gossip doesn’t remember a character named Sam on “Diff’rent Strokes” and we’re too dignified an establishment to quote a crazy person.

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