Celebrities Offer Miley Cyrus Their Own Hair to Repair Botched Haircut

Miley's HaircutMiley Cyrus has publicly revealed her new haircut, with her locks chopped off and her hair now dyed blond. The general consensus from the public is that chopping off so much hair was a huge mistake and Miley’s fellow celebrities have offered up their own hair to help fix the botched hairdo.

When Gene Simmons found out that his reality show “Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels” was canceled, he tore out a bunch of his hair in frustration. But now that he’s calmed down, he wants to turn his grief and anger into something positive and give that hair to a good cause. Simmons told us, “I have all these bald patches on my head from my little breakdown but there is someone out there with a worse head of hair than me. And since Donald Trump can afford to pay for his own modifications, I’ve sent it over to Miley Cyrus to help her with her own hair disaster.”

Jay Leno is willing to get his big mop of hair chopped for Miley but unlike Simmons, will only part with his hair for a price. Leno’s Tonight Show staff was recently trimmed, with 20 staff members losing their jobs. Leno is doing everything he can to raise money to bring back his fired staff and will sell his precious locks to Cyrus in return for paying one year’s salary to bring back one of his sacked` employees. When BS Gossip suggested that Leno could sell one of his prized cars from his collection and pay to bring back all the fired staff members, Leno told us to go F—k ourselves.

Ms. Cyrus said that while she is flattered that her colleagues have offered to help, she proclaimed that she purposely had her hair cut and styled that way and really likes the way it looks. After Miley’s statement, almost a dozen celebrities have come forward and offered to pay for a stay in a mental health institution to help her recover from what is obviously a case of delusion.

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