Amanda Bynes Ordered to Return to Driving School… Disneyland’s Bumper Cars

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes has been making headlines for three hit and run accidents in a short period of time. Now, a judge has ordered the actress to return to her original driving school for additional lessons. However, it turns out that Bynes learned how to drive on the bumper cars at Disneyland!

Disneyland officials have been notified that Bynes would be taking driving lessons at the amusement park. Long-time bumper car attendant Dex Morgans said he remembers Bynes training on the ride many years ago and was looking forward to seeing her on the ride again. He said, “The bumper cars are all about smashing your car into other cars. Many kids just like driving around the track, but back in the day, Ms. Bynes was smashing into anything and everything. I remember that once she hit the side of the track so hard, the car leapt off the track and she ended up mowing down a staff member dressed as Eeyore. The guy’s tail flew right off and the poor fella looked so sad. Though come to think of it, Eeyore never exactly skipped around the park singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.”

On the first day of her court-ordered bumper car training, Bynes was surprised to see an old friend on the course. Lindsay Lohan was also ordered by a judge to return to driving training after a stream of accidents and it seems she also had trained at the Disneyland bumper car rides. Morgans said kids usually smash into other cars on purpose but the two of them were trying to drive in a straight line but couldn’t avoid swerving and hitting other cars or the sides of the tracks. Morgans told us that after seeing what bad drivers the two actresses turned out to be, he is now unsure if Disneyland’s bumper cars should continue to count as an accredited driving school. “It’s a train wreck and I’m not talking figuratively. Bynes flew off the track again and hit a train. I’m starting to think that drivers who learned how to drive on the bumper cars shouldn’t be given their driver’s licences until they’ve successfully driven on real roads. But that’s just But that’s just my two cents.”

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