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Snooki Confirms Newborn Son to Become a Father

Snooki_babyIt took longer than many people expected but “Jersey Shore” star Snooki today confirmed that her newborn son, Lorenzo, will be a father.

Snooki told us that while the little tyke is only a few days old, Lorenzo’s “oil” has already been shared with several young ladies. Snookie is looking forward to becoming a grandmother and Lorenzo’s father Jionni can’t contain his excitement. He said, “Who’s a ladies man?? My little boy, ‘dats who!! F—k yeah!”

The identity of the mother-to-be has not yet been revealed although there is much speculation. The most obvious person would be one of the female newborns at the hospital or possibly a nurse. However Snooki’s “Jersey Shore” co-star The Situation suggests Snooki’s BFF JWoww is the mother-to-be. When we told JWoww about the suggestion, she denied it. She said, “I’d never bang my best friend’s kid. Even if he is a cutie.” When we asked JWoww if there were any other reasons she wouldn’t sleep with the newborn, such as him being less than a week old, JWoww told us that being the son of her best friend was the only reason she needed. “I’ll be honest. If he wasn’t Read the rest of this entry »

Anna Faris Gives Baby Normal Name; Hollywood Outraged!

Chris Pratt andAnna FarisComedy actors Anna Faris and husband Chris Pratt have welcomed a baby boy into the world. As the happy couple celebrated with their new son, Jack, their fellow actors shared their outrage at them giving their child a normal name.

Hollywood actors have been known to give their kids unique names such as Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s son Maddox. Paltrow told us, “Celebrities aren’t just ordinary people. We’re special and so our children deserve names that are also special and that stand out. It’s insulting to celebrities in general when an actor couple gives their kid a normal name like Jack. And if he’s in a class with other celebrity kids, you just know he’s going to get picked on for his boring name.”

Nicolas Cage, who named his son Kal-El, after Superman’s Kryptonian name, is especially upset. Cage told BS Gossip that he was horrified when he heard that Faris and Pratt named their kid Jack. “What the f—k is wrong with these people? Why the hell would they name their kid Jack when there are so many untaken original names out there for celebrity children? I don’t think we’ve started to use dog names yet so they could have taken that route and gone with Rover or Sparky Read the rest of this entry »

Avril Lavigne Dumps Chad Kroeger After Finally Listening to Nickelback

Avrill Lavigne and Chad KroegerThe engagement of Canadian musicians Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger has ended just days after the couple announced the big news. Lavigne ended the relationship after she finally listened to music played by Kroeger’s band, Nickelback.

In an exclusive interview with BS Gossip, Avril Lavigne told us that prior to meeting Kroeger, she wasn’t familiar with Nickelback and after they met, the couple had been having such a passionate affair, that she didn’t have time to listen to anything. But while Kroeger was on a press tour in the US, Lavigne listened to all of Kroeger’s albums. At first she was confused. “The songs had different names but they all sounded the same. It’s like they just renamed the same song and threw a bunch of copies of it onto the same album. It seemed lazy and one thing that I frown upon is laziness.”

Lavigne worried that their sex life could be as repetitive as a Nickelback album. “Come to think of it, Chad kept wanting to try new Kama Sutra positions in bed but although the positions all had different names, they all seemed like missionary to me. With the exception of the thing he did with his toes. That was just gross.”

Lavigne also said she was confused because Read the rest of this entry »

Prince Harry Makes Royal Mistake When Asked to See the Crown Jewels

Prince HarryThe whole world is talking (and giggling) after TMZ released photos of Prince Harry frolicking in the buff. We have learned that the prince disrobed when he misunderstood a request to see the Crown Jewels.

It was first reported that the photographs, taken in a Las Vegas hotel room, were snapped during a game of strip pool. However a spokesman at Clarence House, the official residence of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwell, have now confirmed that it was a mere misunderstanding. Harry had been partying with some friends and a few girls they had met in the lobby. One of the girls asked to see the Crown Jewels and Prince Harry, thinking that she was referring to his man parts, disrobed.

The girl who made the request, and was also photographed nude with the Prince, talked to BS Gossip but wishes to remain anonymous. She told us that she’s always loved gems so when she was invited to the prince’s hotel room with some others for drinks, she thought it was an opportunity to see the most famous jewels in the world. Instead, she saw the 17th most famous jewels, however as the photos spread across the web, that number is sure to adjust quickly.

The girl said she felt bad about seeing Prince Harry Read the rest of this entry »

Celebrities Offer Miley Cyrus Their Own Hair to Repair Botched Haircut

Miley's HaircutMiley Cyrus has publicly revealed her new haircut, with her locks chopped off and her hair now dyed blond. The general consensus from the public is that chopping off so much hair was a huge mistake and Miley’s fellow celebrities have offered up their own hair to help fix the botched hairdo.

When Gene Simmons found out that his reality show “Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels” was canceled, he tore out a bunch of his hair in frustration. But now that he’s calmed down, he wants to turn his grief and anger into something positive and give that hair to a good cause. Simmons told us, “I have all these bald patches on my head from my little breakdown but there is someone out there with a worse head of hair than me. And since Donald Trump can afford to pay for his own modifications, I’ve sent it over to Miley Cyrus to help her with her own hair disaster.”

Jay Leno is willing to get his big mop of hair chopped for Miley but unlike Simmons, will only part with his hair for a price. Leno’s Tonight Show Read the rest of this entry »

“Sparkle” Fails to Resurrect Whitney Houston’s Acting Career

Whitney HoustonIt’s been many years since Whitney Houston has performed for film, and she had hoped that this weekend’s release of “Sparkle” would invigorate her movie career. However after a so-so weekend box office, Houston has not been receiving the calls and offers she was hoping for.

Houston has had an outstanding singing career and in 1992, when she starred opposite Kevin Costner in the hit “The Bodyguard,” she followed that up with roles in a few more movies throughout the ‘90s. After that however, her use of drugs stunted her acting career. With her returning to acting in this weekend’s musical “Sparkle,” many insiders had speculated this would lead to a resurrection of Houston’s acting career. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely.

BS Gossip called Houston’s publicist, Kristen Foster, who told us that Houston has not received any offers to star or even audition for any more films. She screamed at us on the phone and called us “insensitive” and we got the impression that the lack of offers was a touchy subject for Houston’s team.

We desperately tried to contact Houston directly Read the rest of this entry »

Joan and Melissa Rivers No Longer Attached at the Hip After Hip Surgery

Joan and Melissa RiversReality show star Melissa Rivers is well known for constantly being attached to her mother’s hip. However, after Joan Rivers had emergency hip surgery, the mother and daughter are now officially separated.

Joan told us that she is recovering well from the surgery but that Melissa is having a hard time. “We’ve been very close since she was born. I mean, I only stopped breastfeeding her a few years ago and that was a difficult thing for her to handle. It’s probably for the best though… I’m not going to be around forever and if we were still physically bonded, she’d end up buried with me and we’d be stuck with each other eternally. I don’t believe in hell but if I did, that would be it!”

We tried to talk with Melissa but she was in a panic, looking for her mother. “Where Mommy? Where Mommy? Mommy leave me!” When we told her that her mother was in the next room, she bolted through the door and lunged at her mom, knocking her to the ground.

Sadly, the incident caused Joan to break her hip once Read the rest of this entry »

Actresses Confused About How to Get Roles After Kristen Stewart Fired For Sleeping with Director

Kristen StewartActresses in film and theater have long been securing roles by sleeping with directors and producers. However, after Kristen Stewart was fired from the “Snow White and the Huntsman” sequel for having an affair with the director, women in film are concerned they will have to acquire talent to launch their careers in the future.

Misty Adams is a 19-year-old girl from Florida. After she graduated from high school, Misty and her mom packed up everything and moved to L.A in hopes that she could get a job as an actress. Adams has been hanging out in bars schmoozing with film executives hoping one of them will sleep with her and give her a starring role in a film or TV series in return. But after hearing about Stewart’s firing, she doesn’t think that technique is the sure thing it used to be. And her mother is furious. Misty’s mother said, “We packed up everything to come out here. And now we find out sleeping your way into a role isn’t an option anymore?! What’s my little Misty going to do now? She can’t act worth s—t!”

Film director Brett Ratner told us that even though the trend of selling your body to get a role seems to be coming to an end, he finds it disturbing that Stewart was fired. “Kristen fulfilled her part of the deal so it’s inexcusable that she didn’t benefit. If I sleep with an actress, I don’t care what the studio says. One way or another, I would make sure the contract our genitals signed with each other gets honored. But maybe I’m just a classier guy…”

Kristen Stewart herself talked to Read the rest of this entry »

Prince William Puts Justin Bieber in His Place

Justin Bieber and Prince WilliamIn an interview with Rollercoaster Magazine, Justin Bieber suggested that Prince William should be embarrassed by his thinning hairline and questioned why the heir to the royal throne would not use a product to prevent hair loss. However Bieber continued with the insults and the full interview and Prince William’s response have not been revealed until now.

According to an insider at Rollercoaster Magazine, Bieber’s insults to the Royal family didn’t end with mocking the prince. The insider told us that Bieber also wondered why the queen let herself get so old. Bieber told the magazine that he thought assisted suicide was legal in the U.K. He also asked why Diana doesn’t make any more public appearances. “Everyone is always talking about how wonderful Diana is so why does she feel the need to hide from the public?”

After the article was originally printed, Prince William had kept quiet in regards to Bieber’s comments. But now, after hearing Read the rest of this entry »

Amanda Bynes Ordered to Return to Driving School… Disneyland’s Bumper Cars

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes has been making headlines for three hit and run accidents in a short period of time. Now, a judge has ordered the actress to return to her original driving school for additional lessons. However, it turns out that Bynes learned how to drive on the bumper cars at Disneyland!

Disneyland officials have been notified that Bynes would be taking driving lessons at the amusement park. Long-time bumper car attendant Dex Morgans said he remembers Bynes training on the ride many years ago and was looking forward to seeing her on the ride again. He said, “The bumper cars are all about smashing your car into other cars. Many kids just like driving around the track, but back in the day, Ms. Bynes was smashing into anything and everything. I remember that once she hit the side of the track so hard, the car leapt off the track and she ended up mowing down a staff member dressed as Eeyore. The guy’s tail flew right off and the poor fella looked so sad. Though come to think of it, Eeyore never exactly skipped around the park singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.”

On the first day of her court-ordered bumper car training, Bynes was surprised to see an old friend on the course. Lindsay Lohan Read the rest of this entry »