Worshippers Line-Up to See Jesus Christ Birthmark on Justin Bieber’s Leg

Bieber TattooWhat started out as two celebrities tanning at the beach turned into a miraculous day for thousands of people. Worshipers lined up for blocks at Venice Beach to get a glimpse of a birthmark shaped like Jesus Christ on the back of Justin Bieber’s leg.

Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez spent the morning tanning at the beach. When the couple got up to cool off in the water, beachgoers noticed the miraculous birthmark. Crowds swarmed Bieber and shortly after his publicist arrived with traffic cones and lined up the crowd in an orderly fashion.

Some witnesses got down on one knee and cried when their turn to gawk came and several faintings were reported. Susan Ordez lined up for five hours and said, “It was the most beautiful thing I have seen in my entire life. I had wanted to touch it, hoping it might cure my arthritis, but the boy’s publicists stressed the ‘no touch policy.’”

During a 15-minute break, Bieber talked to BS Gossip. He told us that he’s as shocked as anyone about the birthmark and stated that it appeared suddenly. “It wasn’t there yesterday. I went home last night right after getting a new tattoo and went straight to sleep with a sore leg. And today this birthmark magically appeared. I agree with the people who say this is a holy event. I mean, my agent told me my iTunes sales have doubled today and I’ve received over 400,000 new Twitter followers. Sounds like a miracle to me!”

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