Kardashian Mystery: Which Sister Cut the Cheese in the Elevator?

 KardashiansThe Kardashian sisters spent the weekend at a flashy Florida penthouse but the media wasn’t interested in what they were wearing or who they snuggled up with. The breaking news story the reporters wanted to crack was which one of them farted in the elevator.

The incident occurred Sunday morning at 9:15am when the sisters exited their penthouse suite and got on the elevator to go down to the pool. Almost immediately after the elevator doors shut, the smell was prevalent.

Gus Domenez, the elevator operator, said that very quickly, he could see each sister’s nose twitching and their heads spinning around, looking at each other accusingly. “Everyone looked generally surprised and disgusted. Whoever did it is one heck of an actor. But then the women all star on that popular TV drama, so they have to be good, right?”

When approached by the media, Kourtney swore it wasn’t her and would submit to a blood test if requested. Khloé said that the smell in the elevator was hideous so it couldn’t possibly be her since she finds her own farts smell rather pleasant. Finally, Kim said that it was impossible it was her as she has never farted in her entire life. “It’s just not something I do. I’m a lady.”

Chris Ray, one of the producers of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” told us that he fears the issue of who passed wind in the elevator might overtake the next season of the show. “I mean, I’m as curious as anyone to who actually farted but we have so many more important things our fans want to experience with the family such as finding out who replaced one of Khloé’s Armani dresses with a replica and discovering which family member received botox treatments during the break. And any day now, we’re expecting Kendall to finally have her first period.” Ray added, “America doesn’t want all that great drama to be overshadowed by something as trivial as a fart. All I have to say on the matter is that it wasn’t me.”

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