Highest Paid Actress Kristen Stewart To Use Big Pay Day for Acting Lessons

Kristen StewartIt was recently announced that Kristen Stewart is the top paid actress in Hollywood for her movies in the “Twilight” series and “Snow White and the Huntsman.” When she was asked what she would spend the money on, she bluntly said “acting lessons.”

While Stewart will certainly go on a few shopping sprees and possibly buy a bigger mansion, the actress said that her main focus will be finally learning how to act. She said, “I’ve been so busy these last few years filming all these big movies, I’ve never had enough time to focus on learning the craft of acting. I’m always shocked when they hire me for a new role. Have they not watched my audition reel?”

The Aaron Speiser Acting Studio has accepted Stewart’s application and she will begin classes in the fall. We asked the school’s owner and acting coach Aaron Speiser if he’s looking forward to training Stewart. He told us, “She won’t actually be trained by myself as she doesn’t meet the standards required for our regular program. Ms. Stewart will be in our ‘special’ program with students who need a bit more work than others. We’ve had some very successful graduates come out of the special program, like the fire hydrant on ‘Sesame Street’ and James Michael Tyler, who you’ll remember as Gunther on ‘Friends.’ Tyler had almost six lines throughout the ten seasons Friends was on the air, which is a record high for graduates of the special program.”

Charlize Theron, who co-starred with Stewart in “Snow White and the Huntsman,” talked to BS Gossip about Stewart’s quest to learn how to act. Theron said, “It’s about f—kin’ time. I really hope this will help her become a better actress. The green screen in ‘Snow White’ had more charisma than Kristen did. But then the green screen didn’t have to sleep with the director to get cast in the film.”

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