End of Comic Con Means End of Vacation for Normal People

Comic Con Batman FanAs this year’s Comic Con came to a close, fanboys from across North America returned home from a weekend of dressing up, meeting their heroes and socializing with others who share their interests. But it also meant the end of a restful, short vacation for everyone else.

When single mom Deirdre Furlong dropped her 22-year-old son, Colin, at the airport last week, she sighed with relief. She told us that she loves her son but having a few days every year without him rambling on about his geeky interests non-stop is a much needed vacation. “I love that he’s so into comics, movies and video games but for someone like me that doesn’t share his interests, it’s more than a bit of a headache. The week before he left for Comic Con, he was talking non-stop about someone named Cerebus. I thought he might have met an adventurous new friend or perhaps even a girl. It turned out that this Cerebus was nothing but an illustrated talking Aardvark. I’m not kidding. I couldn’t make that up.”

Vanessa Potter loves working with all her coworkers at Walmart, including Tyler Ozman. Potter told us that Tyler shares his love of Star Wars, Ninja Turtles and his other geeky obsessions every spare moment he’s not helping a customer. Potter said that although Tyler’s passion is admirable, it can be a bit frustrating when most of the coworkers have important things to worry about like relationships, college and finding a better company to work for than Walmart. She told us that all her colleagues look forward to Ozman taking a few days off for Comic Con every year. “He sees it as a vacation for himself but we’re really the ones getting a vacation. Now that he’s back, we’re counting the days until next year’s Comic Con, which isn’t difficult, because Tyler already won’t shut up about it!”

Deb Rothman loves her husband Rick but his obsession with Batman takes a heavy toll on their marriage. “Our twin boys, Bruce and Dick, share a bedroom because Rick insists on using the other bedroom for his memorabilia. He calls it his ‘Bat Cave’. And since he saw ‘The Dark Knight’ a few years ago, he’s been obsessing about the next installment and it’s all been a bit maddening. It was very peaceful during the Comic Con weekend but now that he’s back and only a week away from ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ he won’t shut up and I truly feel like blowing my brains out. Rick said ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ will be almost 3 hours so the relief of getting him out of the house in a few days is all I have to keep me sane. I’m hoping he’ll see it a few dozen times and that should help me get to next year’s Comic Con. If I don’t blow my brains out first.”

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