China Ridicules London for Performance by “National Disgrace”… Mr. Bean

Mr. BeanOfficials from China are mocking the London Olympic Open Ceremonies for “embarrassing mistakes” they say occurred during the show. They compare their own 2008 ceremonies in Beijing, where the ceremonies were “perfection” compared to London’s, where there were “major screw-ups,” all of which were allegedly made by Mr. Bean.

Chinese Official Wu Chan told BS Gossip that their country is laughing at the humiliating presentation. The portion of the ceremony in question was where British actor Rowan Atkinson, in character as the popular Mr. Bean, performed with the London Sympathy Orchestra. When he daydreamed about being an Olympic gold medal champion, he messed up his one note and got an ugly stare from the conductor.

Chan laughed and said “This Mr. Atkinson is supposedly one of England’s biggest stars however he couldn’t even play the one note he was assigned to play. The angry look on the conductor’s face said it all… it was a major screw-up and he is a national disgrace for England!”

The London Olympic Committee insists that the botched performance by Mr. Atkinson was intentional and that he was playing the popular character Mr. Bean. Filmmaker Danny Boyle, who directed the opening ceremonies, was confused by China’s criticism. “Yes, the performance with Mr. Bean made him appear as a bumbling idiot. He’s Mr. Bean for crying out loud… being a bumbling idiot is what he does best! London didn’t criticize China for their opening ceremonies even though it’s common knowledge that if a performer had messed up, they would never be seen again.”

Chan denied any Beijing Olympic Ceremony performers were threatened with violence. “That’s insulting! Sure, people who embarrass our country often disappear from society. But it’s not because they are captured or killed. It’s because they are so embarrassed for disgracing their country, they take a long, long, long vacation to get over their shame.” He then went on to suggest that London should encourage Atkinson to take a long, long, long vacation to help him recover from his embarrassment, suggesting a one-way ticket to the Tower of London might be appropriate.

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