Perez Hilton Furious After His Deodorant Brand Made Public

Perez HiltonCelebrity gossip mogul, Perez Hilton, is furious after a photo of him holding a can of Paul Sebastian Deodorant for Men at a convenience store cashier was made public. The photo was self-taken and posted by Hilton on Facebook, set to only display to his friends. However when one of his Facebook friends “liked” the photo, the picture was made public to all of her 787 friends, one of which sold it to the celebrity gossip magazine, Us Weekly.

Hilton expressed his anguish to BS Gossip. “What deodorant a man wears is a very personal thing. That’s why I set the photo to private. But now everyone in the world knows! I’m literally horrified. I’m afraid what’s going to leak out next… a picture of me without eyeliner? It gives me shivers to even think about it.”

Hilton is mad at Facebook for their poor privacy settings but most of his anger is aimed at Us Weekly. Hilton said, “What right do they have to publish this private photo? And to pay someone cash to acquire it?! It makes me sick! The people at Us are vultures! I don’t care if the magazine’s employees are just trying to make a living. How are people supposed to live their lives when they don’t know when a private picture or video of them is going to end up being made public? I’m so distraught, I didn’t even have time to post a pic of Nicolas Cage sitting on the toilet that I acquired. People will have to wait at least one more day to see that on my website so Us Weekly hasn’t just hurt me… they’ve also hurt America!”

Members of the TMZ team have sent Hilton their support and told him that they are there for him through his time of need.

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