Katie Holmes Joins Cruise’s Exes in ShortWatchers Support Group

Katie and TomKatie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise on Friday and BS Gossip has learned that she has since joined Cruise’s ex-wives in the ShortWatchers Support Group.

A source provided pictures from the group, with Holmes being embraced by Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers. We were told that the women joined the group after each of their marriages failed to share their tough experiences being married to a man shorter than them.

Holmes had opened up to the group and told them that that looking down at the bottom of Tom’s head has become more difficult as he began to go gray. She said, “At first it didn’t bother me as I was so giddy that I was married to my schoolgirl crush. But as his hair began to change color, seeing his graying hair from a birds-eye view reminded me that I’d soon need to be spoon-feeding the man that I was married to. And that will require a lot of bending over.”

Kidman and Rogers have found the group very supportive and are happy that Holmes has now joined them. Kidman said, “Being married to a little person is difficult and having three women able to share stories about the strain on their marriages to the same hobbit has proven therapeutic.”

Rogers told us that while Holmes hasn’t revealed the reason she has left Cruise, she’s guessing the reason would be similar to the reason her and Kidman left him. “Let’s just say that the Oompa Loompa travels a lot and spends a bit too much time in the little men’s room at the airport, if you catch my drift.”

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