Dish TV Allows Viewers to Skip Bad Shows, Only Watch Ads

DishMajor television networks continue fighting Dish in Court to ban its DVRs with their patented AutoHop technology that allows their customers to skip all ads with one click on their remote. Now Dish has switched its course, saying that they will instead program the DVRs to allow viewers to skip entire episodes of bad TV shows and only watch the ads.

Dish’s attorney, Peter Bicks, told BS Gossip that this new direction would still benefit their customers but not affect the network’s advertising rates. “There are lots of terrible shows on TV. ‘Jersey Shore’ comes to mind as does that horrible new celebrity dating show, ‘The Choice.’ And virtually everything on CNN. After revisiting this, we believe skipping bad shows is preferable to viewers than skipping the ads, which are short and to the point.” He added that he thinks Dish will increase its subscriber rate when the Superbowl comes around. “Now you don’t have to waste your time watching the game when you really only have the TV on in the afternoon to watch the ads.”

Surprisingly, the networks are furious about Dish’s new direction. Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly told us, “Now they want to allow customers to skip the entire show? This might force Fox and the other networks to actually work harder at creating more quality shows that viewers won’t want to skip! Why should we have to do that when we have a successful formula of raking in billions by creating sub par programming?”

Online chatter has been positive for both uses of Dish’s AutoHop technology, however many viewers would like to be able to skip both the shows and the ads. Well respected message board commenter Dickstick84 said, “I waste so much many hours a week watching bad TV shows and tedious ads. If I could click a button and skip both the ads and the show, imagine how much time couch potatoes like me could save. We’d even have time to exercise and perhaps go outside and meet new people. Without that option, we’re doomed to live and die on our couches.”

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