Adam Carolla Doesn’t Hate Women… He’s Transgendered!

Adam CarollaComedian Adam Carolla has been feeling the scorn of women and homosexuals everywhere since his appearance on “The Talk” when he said that he thinks woman aren’t funny and that telling gay jokes is okay since they get laughs. However, now Carolla has dropped a bombshell on the world, revealing that he’s trangendered!

Carolla expressed to BS Gossip that he doesn’t hate woman or gay people because deep down inside, he fits into both those categories. He explained, “I used to physically be a woman but ever since I was a little kid, I knew I wasn’t born in the right body. I was lucky enough to have transgender surgery during the summer when I was thirteen and was home schooled for a year in a new neighborhood so until now, that was a secret only I knew about. But I feel the need to defend myself and want to express that it’s only the male part of me that is actually funny. The female part of me is very unfunny, just like most woman. And I should know because I was one.”

Now many of the comedians who had denounced Carolla are offering their apologies. Ellen Degeneres commended Carolla for going public with his sexual orientation. Sarah Silverman admitted she wouldn’t have been so hard on the guy if she knew he once had a vagina. And Joan Rivers said she never would have called him an ass if she knew that because of his hormone treatments, he had to regularly shave his.

Carolla said he accepts the apologies and has decided to no longer tell jokes at the expense of homosexuals and going forward will replace all gay jokes with jokes about Jews. Jerry Seinfeld responded to that by saying, “Unless his clay penis turns out to be circumcised, he’s going to get the s—t beaten out of him after shabbas!”

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