What sunk the Battleship Movie? The Fantastic Board Game!

The big budget film “Battleship” brought in disappointing numbers in its debut weekend playing in North American theaters. It came in second after “Marvel’s The Avengers,” which in it’s third weekend brought in more than double what the board-game based action-flick had. Universal Studios, defending the quality of their alien-war ship film, claimed they don’t think any film could have overcome “The Avengers” in it’s third week.

However, Hasbro, the toy company that owns the rights to the board game, had another theory. Hasbro President and CEO Brian Goldner laughs off the notion that superheroes kept audiences away from the board game adaptation. He claims that audiences had a better reason to stay at home rather than go to the movie theaters to see “Battleship” – they were too busy playing the fantastic board game. Goldner explained, “Universal may want to blame another movie, but the truth couldn’t be more clear; families were too busy bombing each other’s battleships at home to go to the theater to watch someone else do it for them.” Goldner explained that Universal has been advertising the movie for months and while waiting for it to hit theaters, fans have been buying the board games in droves and have gotten addicted to the game. “Universal’s ad campaign was their own worst enemy. Kids, teenagers and families have had so much fun with the board game, they haven’t been able to pull themselves away from playing it! Not only is the game action-packed, but Hasbro is proud to present all the game pieces in 3D, unlike Universal’s film. That’s a monument to the excitement Hasbro’s board games bring! I would bet my job that if a study was made, television viewership, iPhone use and even sexual intercourse was down over the weekend too since none of those things live up to the excitement of sinking someone’s plastic boats with adorable little pegs.”

Shortly after this interview, it was announced that after twelve years, Brian Goldner would be leaving the Hasbro organization.

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