Trump Demands to See Arsenio Hall’s Birth Certificate

Arsenio HallAfter crowning him the winner of Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday Night’s live finale, Arsenio Hall couldn’t say enough nice things about the man who “hired” him. However, before the first episode was shot, tension between the two was fiery. A few months ago, Hall had said, “We were two days away from shooting the first episode when Trump’s people demanded I present my birth certificate. They told me the request had gone out to all contestants but when I texted (fellow contestant and comedian) Adam Carolla, he said that wasn’t true.” Hall personally went to Trump headquarters to ask the big man himself why he needed to see his birth certificate. “Mr. Trump told me that I had put on my application that I was born in Cleveland, Ohio but his ‘experts’ told him I was born in Zimbabwe. That’s total bulls**t! I’ve never even BEEN to Zimbabwe….who are these so-called ‘experts’? Trump said he didn’t want to have a liar on his show, which I of course took great offence at. When I defended myself, he told me that he had a team of investigators in Cleveland who have told him he wouldn’t believe the dirt they had found on me and that I even went so far as to hire people to pretend to be my family. WTF? Those people? They ARE my friggin’ family! I didn’t need to hire no one to pretend!” Hall eventually just presented his birth certificate to get the fiasco over with. He said Trump glanced at it for less than two seconds and said that he didn’t buy that it was real. “What do you mean it isn’t real? Let me see how real YOUR birth certificate looks, Mr. Trump!

Trump let the matter go and let Hall join the show. Hall later found out several contestants from previous seasons – Herschel Walker, Lennox Lewis, Lil’ Jon, among a few others – had also had to present their birth certificates. No specific reasons why Trump picked on these celebrities exclusively have been identified.

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