Internet to Stop Reporting TV Spoilers Until Kevin Cleans out his DVR

TelevisionIt was just after midnight on Wednesday evening when the tragic event occurred. Kevin, a 22-year-old student painter living in Seattle, Washington had logged onto Twitter and saw Entertainment Weekly’s results from the “American Idol” finale. Completely irate, Kevin went into the article and posted the following in the comment section: “Don’t post friggin’ spoilers until I’ve cleaned out my DVR dammit!”

When (Entertainment Weekly) Executive Director Sanam Lari read the comment, she broke down in tears. She explained, “We at EW pride ourselves at recapping the hottest TV shows on our website immediately after the shows air, however, our intension was never to spoil the show for anyone and Kevin has brought this to our attention. I understand what Kevin is going through as a coworker accidentally shared a spoiler for the season two finale of ‘Wings’ and I’m only partway through that season on Netflix. Going forward, we will be in regular contact with Kevin and will no longer review any TV shows until Kevin has cleaned out his DVR.”

Hundreds of other websites are following suit, keeping in regular touch with Kevin before dishing out spoilers. Lari thinks that over time it will be considered common courtesy for message board posters to hold off on talking about TV shows until Kevin has submitted a post saying that he is caught up. Lari explains, “The message board communities are very considerate people and care about not spoiling Kevin’s shows just like everyone else does.”

BS Gossip talked to Kevin about the quick reaction to his concerns. At first he said he was grateful but soon the response became a bigger problem than the spoilers themselves.  Kevin told us, “I thought it was great that I could finally surf the internet without having to worry about my shows being ruined. But now I barely have time to catch up on my DVR since I have to respond to all the emails from websites and bloggers asking what shows I am caught up on. I told one blogger the only reason that I haven’t watched the season  finale of ‘Revenge’ yet is because I had to reply to all the emails asking me if I had watched the Season finale of ‘Revenge.’ I told him that I can’t clean out my DVR until I’ve cleaned out my email dammit!”

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