Alicia Silverstone In Talks to Mouth-Feed Orphaned Birds

Alicia SilverstoneBack in March, Alicia Silverstone, the star of “Clueless,” shocked her fans when a video hit the web of her feeding her son by spitting chewed food into his mouth. While many people were grossed out, Jamie McLeod, founder and director of the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary, saw an opportunity for Silverstone to help birds in need.

McLeod confirms that she approached Silverstone about offering her unique services to help orphaned birds. McLeod explained, “Every week young birds are brought in and without a surrogate mother to feed them, not all of them can survive. When I saw the video of Ms Silverstone feeding her child, I immediately thought that she might be able to help feed orphaned birds.”

Silverstone is an outspoken animal activist and member of PETA so it’s no surprise that she drove to Santa Barbara the very next day to meet with McLeod. Mcleod said she was especially optimistic about an arrangement when Silverstone told her that not only does she feed her son by spitting chewed food into his mouth but also that’s also how she feeds all seven of her dogs. Mcleod said, “If she had no problems mouth-feeding her dogs, I didn’t think anything would stop her from feeding our orphaned birds.”

Unfortunately, McLeod didn’t realize that Silverstone was a devout vegan. Since birds require worms and insects for nutrition, discussions with the actress didn’t go any further. Looking back, McLeod reflects her disappointment. “I understand Ms Silverstone has strong values but if she doesn’t mind chewing up meat for her dogs, I don’t understand what her concerns were. When asked, Silverstone explained, “My dogs are also vegans. Like with my son, I spit chewed up fruits and vegetables into my dog’s mouths and all the dogs love it! But to eat meat?! Who is she kidding? That’s disgusting!!”

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